May 2017

The contractor and other stakeholders in the project meet at Kipsing to discuss the start of the project and the building contract is signed.

Early July 2017

The contractor moves onto the site and building materials are delivered.

Mid July 2017

The foundations are laid for the girls’ dormitory, boys’ dormitory, kitchen and WCs.

Late July 2017

The walls start to be erected on the kitchen/dining room, WCs and boys’ dormitory.

August 2017

After a short break for the country’s elections, work continues on the girls’ dormitory, boys’ dormitory and kitchen.

October 2017

Work continues finishing the walls and preparing the buildings for the roof trusses.

November 2017

The roof trusses start to go on.

December 2017

The roofs go on the kitchen/dining hall and the girls’ dormitory.

Early January 2018

The roof goes on the boys’ dormitory and the WCs are nearly finished.

Late January 2018

The buildings are finished!  The fit out is still to be completed but the school has two new dormitories, a new kitchen/dining room, two sparkling new latrines and an enthused community to help the school flourish.

June 2018

New Kitchen (and chef!), Dormitory and Assembly/Dining Hall buildings in use when we visited Kipsing in June this year.

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