Investing in schools has been proven to transform poaching in many communities across Africa.   The most successful programs have clear similarities in their approach, and we have adopted these learnings.

Born to Fly will only support projects that meet the following criteria:

Part of a broader conservation plan

Each of the schools we support will be in areas where the improvement of a community’s school fits into a broader conservation plan.

Community led

The project must have been devised by the community, with an explicit goal for the community to sustain the school itself over the long term.

Sufficient expertise on the ground

There must be known and reliable conservationists and educationalists managing and delivering the project.

Long term support

We will provide our schools with more than just one-off funding.  Further funding will enable the schools to continue to grow and meet the needs of the pupils until they have become truly self-sufficient.

With the right approach and learnings from across Africa, Born to Fly’s investment in schools will mean children can get the education they deserve, poachers can become gamekeepers and wildlife populations can thrive.

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