Kipsing Secondary School sits in Mpus Kutuk, in the middle of elephants’ semi-annual migration path. While it sits between two conservancies where poaching has been brought under control, many elephants are killed each year in Mpus Kutuk.


Elephants know Mpus Kutuk is dangerous.  Tracking devices show elephants meander through the safer conservancies, yet streak through Mpus Kutuk in the dead of night.


The secondary school was started by the mixed tribal community nearly 10 years ago.  It is partially funded by the Kenyan government and has previously seen some charitable support from the Lewa Education Programme and other benefactors.   Approximately 200 students attend the school, with many “boarding” in makeshift and cramped dormitories that was originally intended to be a classrom.


Born to Fly, in conjunction with TUSK and the Lewa Education Programme will fund the construction of a number of buildings in two stages:


Stage 1:

  • Boys Dormitory
  • Girls Dormitory
  • Boys Sanitation Block
  • Girls Sanitation Block
  • Kitchen and Dining Room


Stage 2:

  • Science Laboratory
  • Administration Block
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Water Supply and Reticulation


Captain Roger Gower spent many an hour flying above the Mpus Kutuk conservancy and wanted nothing more than to help Mpus Kutuk ‘s wildlife, tribes and children thrive.


Support Born to Fly and help put an end to poaching.

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